Important Life Skills Both You and Your Teenager

As significant as some qualities and characteristics are for a successful and fulfilling life, the reality is that we cannot impart to our teens what we do not ourselves possess. With that in mind, we might sometimes have to consider the teen and parent as a joint work in progress. You will discover that for some qualities you're already the ideal role model for the teen; and together with the others, relish the fact that you and your teen can progress together.

Reasonable Expectations and a positive mindset. You ought to expect that regardless of age, your teen gives his finest effort. Note, however, that this doesn't mean perfection. Mistakes should be contemplated learning experiences--not failures. It is a fact that teenagers learn what they live. Make sure that you always show a positive, enthusiastic view of school and learning; and anxiety to your teen the value of education for his/her future.

Responsibility. Kids need to see that learning is their own responsibility--not yours. This means they need to learn the difficult lesson that most of the activities are choices they create, and choices always have effects. Therefore, it is important that they learn to make good decisions and decisions. Among the greatest methods to educate responsibility in teens is to give them responsibilities at home and become a fantastic role-model of responsibility yourself. This usually means that you never blame other people for your own actions and you do not permit your child to do so either.

Goal Setting. The Ability to establish realistic and attainable goals and to work toward completing these goals is a very important education lifeskills for everyone. Some goals may have to be somewhat short term: I can survive this for five more minutes. Some might have to be behavior oriented: I will say "please" and "thank you" if appropriate. And a few goals will likely be long-term:

I will graduate from school. Encourage your child to set daily goals and then go over the results with you at the end of each day.
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Competence. Competent Individuals have an "I can do it" attitude. They know what they do well, they take responsibility for whatever they do, and they learn from their mistakes. This "I can get it done" attitude is all but non-existent for high school math students. This needs to be reinforced constantly in our teens.

Avoid acute stress. Acute And chronic anxiety have very bad effects on behavior, learning, and bodily wellbeing. Adults and teens alike have to learn positive methods of managing normal stress and methods to prevent excessive stress.

Important qualities. Consistently educationlifeskills like listening skills, persistence, attention to detail, sociability, confidence, flexibility, honor, compassion, cooperation, forgiveness, self-discipline, patience, pride in your job, and some others you consider important.

Parents should also encourage interest in the arts (painting, sculpture, music, dancing, play, etc.). These actions all contribute to a healthy mind.