Essence of Life Skills to Teens

Among the most sensitive stage in human life include the adolescent stage. Adolescent tend to mark the transition of children from childhood to young adulthood. While at this age there are so many changes that one experiences, the interaction spectrum also extends from family and friends to a wider scope which involves peers of the same-sex, opposite sex as well as interactions with older people in the society. It tends to be a stage when teens tend to explore the world.

During this particular stage, teens tend to be more analytical which tends to come as a result of their maturing cognitive development. At this stage, they become more articulate and also tend to take themselves through an independent thought process. Among the contentious issues at this stage of teens include managing their emotions, forming a self-image, building relationships, resisting or building peer pressure, strengthening their social relationships among other relationships. A good number of adolescents have been unable to deal with these issues. Among the things that determine whether the teen in question will be in a position to handle an issue is determined by the personality of the teen in question as well as the environment surrounding him or her. The environment includes peers, parents, teachers as well as any other person who could be interacting with the teen in question.

Peers, parents, and teachers tend to impact on the teen in question either positively or negatively depending on the knowledge they have pertaining education lifeskills . The people one exposes his or her teens to should have good morals or positive influence to the teens in question for the teen in question to show a positive response. One would, as a result, need to make sure that he or she controls individuals who interact with the teen in question whether physically or on phone.

On the other hand, one would need to expose the teen in question to the professional training of life skills a process which is supposed to impact education lifeskills to the teen in question. One would need to make sure that the teen in question has self-awareness, is a critical thinker, has the aspect of empathy, is a decision maker, is a problem solver among other strong virtues.

One would also need to make sure that the teen in question is effective at communication, has interpersonal relationship skills, and has skills to cope with stress, with emotion among others. To read more on the advantages of Life skills, you can check out .